The Empire State Building’s Luster Returns

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Wall Street Journal- When the twin towers of the World Trade Center fell in 2001, it seemed like the end of the race for the sky. It was inconceivable that anyone would want to build, or inhabit, such a conspicuous terrorist target again. But history is rich in ironies; if the age of the skyscraper was over, it was only because the age of the superskyscraper had already begun. Advances in structural engineering, materials and technology, global financial shifts and the timeless incentives of ego and profit have created gigantic towers that are shattering all previous records for size. They are changing skylines and lives around the world.

So where does The Empire State Building fit in the age of the superskyscraper? Many companies have steered away from utilizing the office space in the building for several reasons, such as the fear of taking refuge in such a prime terrorist target, but dating even further back than 9/11, the landmark has been criticized by many for insufficient maintenance and “disfiguring modernizations” as well.  At The Tax Club, we are proud to have our offices located on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building, and we believe this architectural NYC gem has most definitely redeemed its former glory.

Some may say this famous NYC landmark had once “lost its luster” to the World Trade Center, when the towers took the title of “The Tallest Building in Manhattan.” Though the World Trade Center did break the record of scale, being an iconic landmark is about much more than that. The incredible architecture and ambiance of The Empire State Building has set a precedent for New York City’s style and a standard of beauty for its famous skyline.

In 2006, owners made the decision to invest in a serious makeover of the building, as opposed to selling it off to new management. Since the initiation of the upgrading program in 2007, $550 million has been spent on renovating the space over the past 3 years, and improvements are only expected to continue. The building is well on its way to becoming a state-of-the-art property and has returned to its 1930’s-esque Art Deco style, which had been lost with past makeover attempts. And of course, The Empire State Building will forever be a New York City, as well as national, landmark, giving it a marketing edge and selling point that no other property in Manhattan can compete with.

For more details on the renovations and improvement, read the whole article in the Wall Street Journal! Or, come and check out The Tax Club offices located on the 60th floor! Call us now for your free tax consultation at 888-773-7176. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

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